The Shiori

A beautifully handcrafted leather shoe aimed at providing your ankle with maximum support. Featuring recommended requirements by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The leather insoles are removable to fit most modern custom-made orthotics shoes. Our Shiori promotes comfortable footwear that supports foot-related problems. The perfect pair of shoes for the office, after hours and events, the Shiori supports your every step of the way while you stay winning at work and in everything thing you do.

The Miku

The Miku is the only sandal that supports your heel, and your forefoot for optimal foot function providing all users footwear with comfort and style. The Miku not only protects but hides bunions and provides medium ankle support reducing pressure on your feet. The Miku footbed can be enhanced for further foot support if needed. Beautiful while versatile, the Miku provides ample support for individuals with foot problems and for comfortable walking wherever you are, even on a weekend in town!

The Lisa

Gorgeous soft leather slip-on shoes with Solescape heel cup stability features. Unique toe box design to enhance big toe function.

The Fran

Combining a sports shoe with a sandal will keep you walking for longer with greater cushioning. Removal insoles to allows you to fit your own orthotics. Plush genuine leather with Solescape’s ankle support system.

The Dharma

Minimalist flats with sturdy ankle support. Simple, Supportive, Sweet.
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Sizing Guide


The min® is the average width that most shoes come in. It is not narrower than usual. If you have never had any issues with shoes being too narrow for your feet then this width is for you.

The more® is wider than the average shoes thus should you find that it’s a bit too tight then this width is for you. Suitable for standing for many hours during the day and finding that your feet swell and become wider, then this width is for you. If you have developed a small bunion or corns on the top or sides of your toes then the extra width would be of great help.

The most® is the widest shoe in our range. We have worked tirelessly on making sure that the increased width is felt but not seen. This way you can be assured of getting the benefits of a wider fit while still looking good and feeling confident. If your feet are wide and swell due to pregnancy or standing for long hours then this width is for you. If you have bunionscorns or toe problems then this width may help. If you have a large bone structure or generally find closed shoes to be uncomfortable then this width may be for you.

All are suitable for use with custom made orthotics